Subdirectories in Bedlam:

Non-image files:

File: bedlam-joint-controller.doc (Microsoft Word document)

File: bedlam-joint-controller.doc.odt (OpenDocument text document)

File: bedlam-joint-controller.sxw ( XML (obsolete) text document)

File: bedlam.asm (Assembly language source)

File: bedlam.bas (BASIC and variants)

File: bedlam.hex (hexadecimal ASCII encoded binary)

File: bedlam.mac (Probably text)

File: foo (Probably text)

File: test.asm (Assembly language source)

File: test.bas (BASIC and variants)

File: test.hex (hexadecimal ASCII encoded binary)

File: test.mac (Probably text) Warehouse home top of page