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File: 2-1.Ferranti_Mark_1_manual.Turing-Alan.1951.UNIVERSITY_OF_MANCHESTER.062303005.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: BoKposterCALLA4.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: README.txt (ASCII or Unicode plain text file)

File: Randell_ALGOL_60_Implementation_1964.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: abstract.doc (Microsoft Word document)

File: circular (Adobe Illustrator Document)

File: computer languages and embodied cognition.odt (OpenDocument text document)

File: current dev prog 1962.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: prog_lang_poster.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: pwned in (Apple/Microsoft video)

File: templateWaiver.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

File: waiver-signed.pdf (Portable Document Format image)

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Image: ALU_full_adder.gif

Image: Diagram_for_the_computation_of_Bernoulli_numbers.jpg

Image: EDSAC_(12).jpg

Image: Shunting_yard.svg.png

Image: circular reasoning.png

Image: evans-and-sutherland-augmented-1960s.jpg

Image: evans-and-sutherland-sword-of-damocles-1968.jpg

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