Sensitive Research warehouse

tree-like map of files (HUGE, MINUTES TO LOAD)


★ The warehouse is the repository of my working notes, research, project files, extras, castoffs, saved materials, and other files and data side effects of my work, the bulk of it old. Often the folder name is the same as the name of the completed work ("Model 31 Vocalizer") but sometimes is a shorthand or working title ("WUTW"). Many contain work that are not projects but generalized research, work for other people, dead-end or ends-in-themselves research, etc. I do a lot of one-off experiments based on some idea which becomes part of some later often-unrelated project, or abandoned. Most physical projects also have a paper folder on a shelf, and for some projects, there is no computer folder, depends on the work. Those are not (yet) digitized. ★